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The TYCs Concept Explained
The TYCs collection, which is totally 'Made in Italy' to the highest quality, consists of a range of nine, strikingly attractive and original handbag designs. So hard to make a choice!

Luckily, you don't need to! Once a bag has been purchased, other designs can be added to create a different look that matches your mood, your outfit and any occasion.
At the heart of this concept is the stylishly shaped, rigid, inner body of the bag.

It is 1.2mm thick and extremely strong, made from high quality, eco-sustainable, regenerated leather.
Inside this inner body is a distinctive lining, made from the highest quality, sustainable material. This lining has been designed to match all of the outer 'skins'.

In addition, there are three types of handle to choose from.
Any of the designs can be fitted as an outer 'skin' over the inner body, together with any of the handles.
All of the designs and handles are completely interchangable, providing the opportunity to adapt your style, whenever you want to, without ever needing to empty your bag.

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