Capital city of the island of Sicily

Palermo can be found on the northwestern coast of the island of Sicily, by the Gulf of Palermo in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Palermo is an ancient city, having been founded in 734BC by the Phoenicians. Since then it has been occupied by Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs, as well as being the crossroads for many other civilisations. All of this leaves the city with a heady mix of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Norman and Neoclassical buildings, mixed with Arab and Moorish tiles, beautiful mosaics and exotic friezes. All of this history, mixed with the hot sultry climate and Sicilian people, make Palermo a vibrant and chaotic city.

The city is so full of beautiful buildings, churches, history, culture and colourful markets that you will feel there is not enough time to see it all.

The main street, Via Roma, is wide, airy and lined with luxury shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. Narrower streets lead off this and wind their way to piazzas, even narrower streets, spectacular buildings or steep steps.

It would be unforgiveable to visit this city and not see Palermo Cathedral, Teatro Massimo (largest opera house in Italy), Teatro Politeama and the Royal Palace. The list of every other building, cathedral, church, museum, piazza and park is endless. Depending on time, and particular interests, you would have to make a choice of what to see, remembering that Palermo is also full of hidden surprises.

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