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Cadendo Pendant (blush)
Murano Glass pendant in strong colours


The Cadendo is a teardrop shaped Murano glass pendant with rich, strong colours that catch the light as you move.

  • Nickel free rhodium

  • Antiallergic

  • Silicone necklace

  • 45cm (17.72 inches) long

  • Teardrop shaped Murano Glass pendant

  • The use of dichroics make the glass extra sparkly

  • Glass teardrop length approximately 6.5cm (2.56inches)

  • Unique design

  • Murano glass bead with the inclusion of dichroics

  • Beautiful, rich colours

  • Handmade by a master glassmaker

  • Comes with box & certificate of authenticity

This stunning pendant has been handmade on the island of Burano, Venice. This means that no two pieces are ever exactly the same, making your Cadendo Pendant unique to you.

Please Note:
As these pieces are hand made, we do not keep a large stock. If this item is not in stock it can take up to 30 days to produce.