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Height: 26cm (10.20 inches)
Width: 44cm (17.30 inches)
Depth: 17cm (6.60 inches)
Handle: 48cm (18.90 inches)
Detachable shoulder strap: 128cm (50.30 inches)
Weight: 1.10kg (2.40 pounds)
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Cagliari (red)
New design in vintage leather

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Made from the highest quality, genuine Italian Vintage Leather the Cagliari bag has some delightful design features. The trademark stitching is exaggerated by the addition of a series of straps, loops and buckles which make the bag look highly sophisticated and expensive. The woven leather panel running around the middle of the Cagliari handbag adds to the overall appearance of luxury and quality.

The Cagliari, an exciting new design in vintage leather, is available in other colours - see below.

Inside, the Cagliari is generous and roomy, and although large, is still quite light and very easy to carry. The padded leather handles are comfortable to hold and there is an additional, detachable, black leather shoulder strap. The whole bag closes by means of a sturdy, full length zip.

There are adjustable straps on each side which can be altered to accommodate the contents of the handbag.

The base of the Cagliari vintage leather bag is very well protected by four, sturdy, metal studs.

All the metal fittings are made from brushed brass.

Handmade in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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