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Marte Necklace
Long, elegant Murano glass necklace

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The Marte necklace is a long string of rich, deep red, gold and mottled brown coloured Murano glass beads, all with a gold leaf underlay. The large beads are different shapes and sizes and are spaced along the gold coloured chain, interspersed with smaller beads of varying shapes and sizes in contrasting and complimentary colours. The elegance and vivid, eye-catching colours and patterns of the Marte necklace make it an invaluable accessory for many occasions and different types of outfits.

The Marte necklace closes by means of a modern, strong, secure clasp and is not adjustable. All clasps, chains and other parts are made from hypoallergenic metal.

All measurements are approximate.
Length: 74cm (29.13 inches)

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The genuine Murano glass jewellery we sell is hand made, consequently no two pieces are identical and will not resemble exactly the item shown in the photograph.

This piece of jewellery comes with a 'VetroArtistico® Murano' certificate which ensures that it has been hand crafted on the island of Murano, Venezia, Italy.