Ice Cube earrings
Clear, Murano glass earrings
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These unusual, unique and stunning earrings will look exactly like small chunks of ice hanging from your ear. The beauty of them is that they will gently reflect whatever you are wearing making it match your outfit perfectly every time.

The Ice Cube earrings each consist of one large, transluscent glass bead, topped with a small, sandblasted bead and then a final medium sized transluscent bead.

The hooks on the Ice Cube earrings are made from .925 Sterling Silver and are hypoallergenic.

All sizes are approximate
Length: Just under 4cm (1.55 inches)

The Ice Cube earrings match the Ice Cube necklace and together they make an invaluable, unusual and stunning set of jewellery.

Each piece of jewellery comes with its own suede jewellery pouch.

All of these pieces of genuine Murano Glass are from Onde Venezia a brand name known for the highest quality Italian glass jewellery and made on the island of Murano by hand, never with a machine. This means that they will all be different and not exactly identical to the ones you can see in the photographs. No two pieces are ever the same which means that the piece of jewellery you buy will be individual and totally unique.