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Width: 14cm (5.50inches)
Height: 9cm (3.50 inches)
Depth: 2cm (0.80 inches)
Weight: 0.10kg (0.22 pounds)
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Pepe (beige)
Coin purse for either men or women

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Coin purse for men or women, made in Italy with high quality soft calf leather.

This attractive Pepe coin purse has 2 zippered compartments enabling you to carry both coins and cards if you wish. The brushed brass metal details are superb and really give this little purse a luxurious feel.

For women, you may find yourself with a lot of loose change, which means it would sometimes be useful for you to carry both a regular wallet and a coin purse. If you going out and have a particularly small handbag and don't need all your cards with you then the Pepe has plenty of room to carry credit cards as well as coins and folded notes.

For men, you may want to carry a slimmer wallet to fit into trouser pockets, but may also have the situation of knowing that you will end up with small change, the Pepe is perfect to carry in addition to your wallet.

The Pepe is also a welcome addition if you are travelling abroad and dealing with two different currencies.

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