Italian fine gold jewelry from Italy

"The name of Italy has magic in its very syllables." Mary Shelley

Outstanding long earrings - Handmade in Italy
Scintilla Earrings (gold & white)
Outstanding long earrings - Handmade in Italy
Simple, delicate, two strand necklace
Chiarezza Double Necklace
Simple, delicate, two strand necklace
Unusual and intricate handmade Italian brooch
Sea Turtle Brooch (gold)
Unusual and intricate handmade Italian brooch
A stunning, elaborate, easy to wear ring
Doges Ring (gold)
A stunning, elaborate, easy to wear ring
Bold bracelet with strong colours
Fortuna Bracelet
Bold bracelet with strong colours
Stunning, elaborate, intricate earrings
Doges Earrings (gold)
Stunning, elaborate, intricate earrings

Designs as unique as you and excellent craftmanship

The Italian Shop's Italian jewellery combines demi-fine jewellery designs with craftmanship excellence to create jewellery pieces that are elegant and timeless.







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About Italian jewelry

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Exquisitely beautiful Italian jewelry

Italian family-run businesses

Many of our Italian jewellery pieces have been crafted by hand in family-run jewellery shops, with meticulous attention to detail. The story of these small businesses are entwined with each piece of jewellery.

The classical approach to Italian jewelry making means that each piece of jewellery is unique to you, with every bracelet, necklace and pendant telling the story of the its maker.

Born to create beauty

With the legacy of artisans in Vicenza dating as far back as 600 B.C., jewellery making itself was born in the city in the 14th century.

One-tenth of the population of Vicenza works to create fine jewelry, making them truly born to create exquisite pieces of world class jewelry.


As the materials for the jewellery are sourced locally and ethically and created in a small business, you can rest assured that the jewellery that you receive is created ethically.

We take pride in creating a fair price for the suppliers that we work with to ensure that our practices are sustainable and ethical.

Exclusive Italian jewelry

Our jewellery pieces are only available in selected stores around the country, which means that you are unlikly to find yourself wearing the same piece as your neighbour!

Types of Italian jewellery in stock

The Italian Shop stocks a wide range of types of jewelry, which includes:

  • Italian gold chain jewelry
  • Italian silver chain jewelry
  • Italian jewelry charms
  • Italian jewelry necklaces in a range of styles
  • Italian jewelry pendants
  • Italian jewelry bracelets
  • Italian jewelry rings
  • Italian jewelry brooches

Inspiration for our Italian jewellery

Our designers are very much inspired by the awe-inspring shapes seen throughout the natural world, both under the sea and in an Italian garden.

Our jewelry designers translate the natural world into exquisite pieces of jewellery that can truly be worn as a piece of art, that are intricate and beautiful.

Vicenza, Italy's Capital of Gold

Vicenza is the heart of Italy's goldsmith might. Along the Piazza dei Signori, glitter and gleam 10 family-run jewelry stores. It is home to the Museo del Gioiello, a treasure trove of wonders that showcases the town's fine history – the only museum dedicated to jewellery in the whole of Italy.

It is home to some of the most influential jewellery designers in the world, as well as being a centre of excellence in the production of gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Vicenza also holds the Vicenzaoro, a 3 day long event that draws in over 50,000 visitors to this fabled Capital of Gold, where visitors may delight in what the city has to offer.

Italian Jewellery: Q&A

Which precious metals are used for your Italian jewellery?

Most of the jewellery on our website is created by handcrafting sterling silver followed by the use of high-end gold plating techniques with 18 karat gold in order to create strong, durable, luxurious pieces that are still affordable.

Will my Italian jewelry be durable?

There are different types of metals that can go through the gold-plating process, but sterling silver is best as it produces jewelry with the highest shine and most opulent final look. This also makes the jewelry durable, with minimal maintenance.

Can I get my gold-plated jewellery wet?

As most of our jewellery pieces also include stones and hand-painted finishes, we recommend not getting your jewellery wet or exposing it to substances that may tarnish the appearance of the jewellery, such as perfume, lotions and household chemicals.

What is the name of gold-plated Italian jewelry in jeweller terms?

As our jewelry uses 18 karat gold plating on sterling silver, the jewellery is defined as 'demi-fine,' meaning that you can own a beautiful piece of art crafted from quality materials, without paying the solid gold price tag.

Can I return my Italian jewellery?

Please note that any pierced jewelry cannot be refunded for hygiene reasons. All other jewellery items can be refunded if you contact us within 7 days of receiving your purchase.

Why is Italian jewelry so sought after?

'Made in Italy' conjures images of style, elegance and quality. Italian jewelry is no different – it combines hand-made craftsmanship with the very best techniques and methods, all in beautiful, inspiring designs.

Our jewellery meets very high quality and design standards that you can rely on with confidence.

In Vicenza, innovation meets beauty

We provide you with a hand-picked selection of the most unique and beautiful jewelry designs to bring you truly magical pieces of excellent quality Italian jewellery.

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