Italian Ceramics

Italian ceramics, pottery from Italy

"I am a big fan of Italian coffee, and was searching for a particular set of cups to serve it. I received a well packaged set of 6 cups and saucers in excellent condition. I was also surprised at how affordable they were. The Italian Shop came through for me and they will for you too!"
Jim V. (USA)

"I have just received the goods I ordered from The Italian Shop. The ceramics are so pretty. Everything came wrapped up very carefully and the delivery service was perfect with the goods arriving much quicker than I expected. I would certainly recommend The Italian Shop to others and hope to use their services myself again before too long. Very many thanks."
Nancy B. (Scotland)

About Italian Ceramics
Italian ceramics and pottery production
Italian ceramics and pottery production

Using the traditional techniques of Italian ceramics production, our comprehensive range of colourful, decorative, hand-painted Italian ceramics is a wonderful celebration of traditional life in Italy. Each piece is lovingly painted by hand, making it totally unique.

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"... and anyone who has once known this land can never be quite free from the nostalgia for it." DH Lawrence

Italian Ceramics

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  • Italian Ceramic Tiles
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  • Italian Ceramic Candlesticks

Shades of Tuscany Collection

Tuscan tableware
'Shades of Tuscany' collection

Our 'Shades of Tuscany' tableware features a range of 6 hand-painted plates, bowls and cups that reflect all the colourful shades of the beautiful region of Tuscany. Made in the ancient, traditional shape which was particular to Tuscany, each item can be used alone or as part of a matching set.

Sicily Collection

Sicilian pottery plate
'Sicily' collection

Our 'Sicily' tableware features a range of hand-painted brightly coloured plates, available in three sizes.

Pottery Candlesticks

Italian pottery candlesticks
'Candlestick' collection

In our 'Candlestick' collection, you will find a range of hand made and hand-painted traditional Sicilian candlesticks that evoke the unique culture of Sicily.

Ceramic Decorative Tiles

Ceramic decorative tiles
'Tile' collection

We also have a range of beautiful hand-painted, Sicilian tiles.

Rustic Pottery

In our 'Rustic' collection, the Italian ceramics we are offering are hand painted in three charming designs: 'Flower Garland', 'Rural Scene' and 'Fruit Harvest, which is available with a blue or green edging.

Pottery styles
Design options

Although we only display certain items in each design, all of the items are available in any of the designs by special order.

Speciality pottery pieces
Antipasti Dish - 'Fruit Harvest (Blue)'

Our Italian decorated tableware includes: hand-painted jugs, hand-painted ceramic bowls and hand made Italian plates that perfectly represent the Mediterranean lifestyle, and are the ideal accompaniment to long, leisurely, family lunches outside in the sunshine...

Our handpainted ceramic kitchenware includes: storage jars, hand painted Italian plates, Italian ceramic bowls and hand-made spoon rests that bring back fond memories of a bygone age in southern Italian kitchens, with Nonna creating her magic over a wood burning stove...

Ceramic Gifts

Whether as ceramic gifts for a friend or relative, or to enhance your own home with some real, hand-painted Italian ceramics or hand painted italian tiles, you will certainly find something to smile about as you look through our Italian ceramics collections.

Italian Ceramics

Italy has a long history in the production of high quality ceramics. The term comes from the Greek word 'keramos', meaning clay. The Etruscans were the first to produce ceramics in Italy with their 'Bucchero' technique. Then during the Renaissance, Tuscany and Umbria became famous for producing 'Maiolica' ceramics and in Sicily, the famous 'Baroque' tiles were produced. But, as with all things in Italy, each region has its own fascinating speciality that they consider to be the best of all!

Hand painted ceramic tiles
Hand Painted Tile - 'Sailing Boats'
Italian leather handbags