Conference gifts, corporate giveaways and gift bag ideas from Italy

conference gifts, conference giveaway ideas, conference gift bag ideas

"From start to finish; the process of finding, communicating with, ordering, paying & receiving our order, could not have been a more simple & stress free experience. I would definitely, without hesitation, make use of the services of The Italian Shop again. I’m a fan!"
Peta-Ann S. (Corporate Gift Customer)

Italian Corporate Gifts

Many organizations are looking for unusual items they can give as corporate gifts or conference giveaways. The Italian Shop has a wide selection of hand crafted Italian products that make perfect business gifts. Our made-in-Italy ceramics, leather, Murano Glass and olive wood items, many of which can be personalized or branded, make superb individual and unusual conference giveaways, all supplied direct from Italy

Corporate, Conference & Event Gifts from Italy

Speak to us about your conference, event, or other corporate gift requirement, and we will put together a selection of options you can consider. We have many products that can be personalised or branded, making perfect corporate gifts. Our ceramic products are all hand painted, so a logo or message can be added to a small plate or dish in an existing design, or a unique design can be created, incorporating any individual requirements. In addition, some leather products can be stamped, such as key fobs, mouse mats, credit card wallets or personal organizers. Some Murano Glass items such as wine bottle stoppers, bottle openers or key rings can make excellent corporate gifts. It is also possible to custom make products which can be inscribed on their metal elements. In addition, we have a range of olive wood products that can be inscribed with a message or logo by laser, making a truly unique corporate gift. Please contact us to receive our 'Corporate Gifts' brochure, or for further information.

Leather Corporate Gifts

Italy has a reputation for producing some of the finest leather goods in the world. The high quality of the leather and a long tradition of skilled craftsmanship, provides some exciting gifts for events and conferences.

Ceramic Corporate Gifts

We have a wonderful range of colourful, decorative, hand-painted Italian ceramics that provide some exciting opportunities for giving unique corporate and conference gifts.

Olive Wood Corporate Gifts

Ancient olive wood, a genuinely sustainable resource, is used in the creation of our beautiful wooden artifacts. No items crafted from olive wood are ever identical, which makes these corporate gifts truly unique.

Silk Corporate Gifts

Silk production has enjoyed a renaissance in Italy over the last few years with local Italian companies once again producing a wide range of high quality, silk scarves, silk ties, silk bowties and silk pocket squares. These products make wonderful gifts, with some providing the opportunity to add branding, such as company logos or messages.

Italian Tradition Corporate Gifts

The high quality of Italian design and production is evident in the antique styled pen sets, bookmarks and letter openers we offer. These heritage products draw a line back to the traditional values of the past. They are an enduring reminder of what makes Italian society so precious.

Miscellaneous Corporate Gifts

Miscellaneous corporate gifts

We can also provide the standard range of smaller items such as pens, mugs and branded polo shirts.

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