Why different shaped cutting boards?

Why different shaped cutting boards?


Almost every household in the world has a cutting board. It is used to cut food and prepare meals and other purposes such as cooking or hobbies like scrapbooking. Cutting boards are available in various shapes and sizes, the most common of which are: square, rectangular, oval and circular boards.

The choice of shape is largely a matter of preference, but there are many practical reasons why people have various shaped cutting boards in their kitchens!

What is the purpose of having a differently shaped cutting board?

The material a cutting board is made out of is one of the factors that determine the shape of cutting board. Plastic cutting boards tend to be quare or rectangular, whereas wooden boards can be more interesting shapes. The prime material for making cutting boards is olive wood. It is hard-wearing, attractive and has natural, anti-bacterial properties that make it the ideal surface for preparing food.

  • Why do some people prefer a specific shape of cutting board over others?
  • Some people prefer square-shaped boards because they are easier to store in the kitchen than other shapes like round and rectangle-shaped boards.
  • Circular boards are often larger, and are perfect for chopping vegetables.
  • Olive wood boards can be cut in more rustic shapes, which, as well as looking attractive, can make them easily to grip on the uneven edge.

What are the benefits of some shaped cutting board?

  • A square-shaped cutting board makes it easier to cut round-shaped food items.
  • Rectangle-shaped boards are ideal for cutting slender food items and meat.
  • Oval panels are suitable for cutting fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  • Circular boards are easier to chop food items with because they can move around more easily.

Where to buy your shaped cutting boards?

You can always visit our online store and get a wide choice of cutting boards, depending on the style you prefer. We have several shapes of cutting boards for various sizes. We have several boards that range from:

  • Breadboards - slatted top and tray to catch the crumbs
  • Cheeseboards - different shapes and sizes, all with a cheese knife
  • Rustic - different sizes, odd shapes, and irregular edges
  • Raw meat boards - handle
  • Cooked meat boards - handle and groove round edge
  • Rectangular boards, Round boards, Round boards with handles
  • Square or rectangular boards with long or short handles
  • Tuscan cutting boards
  • Gooseneck boards

Olive wood boards can also serve food or as plates for eating food from.

  • Serving boards with handles, serving boards without handles
  • Small olive wood boards as plates


Many people prefer a different shape of cutting board for various reasons. For some, the type of cutting board they choose may be determined by what they intend to use it for more often; perhaps they like making crafts that require space, or maybe they cut a lot of food at once and need more space. Others might have chosen their different shaped cutting board because it is suited to their kitchen's layout or because it is easier to find somewhere to store due to its smaller size.

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