Leather Bags From Italy

Leather Bags From Italy

Leather bags are the ideal accessory for anyone who values high quality and value for money from both their wardrobe and their accessories. Italian leather bags are a combination of tradition, quality, fashion and style, all rolled into one to produce the perfect lifelong accessory. They are made from the highest quality leather that has been naturally tanned and dyed and is a fully sustainable product. The hide is never taken from the animal for purely aesthetic reasons and only the hide from animals previously slaughtered for food is used for Italian leather products.

Let's explore what makes Italian leather bags so great.

Italians are naturally elegant, stylish, fashion conscious and very, very particular about what they want, how they want it made and what it is made with. Added to this, they are hardworking and value all the old traditions which means that their craftsmanship is second to none. Painstaking attention is paid to detail and manufacturers are more interested in a perfect finished product than they are about speedy delivery times. When you buy a bag from an Italian company, the company is committed to your satisfaction as well as the quality of their product. If you want a stylish but affordable bag for everyday or special occasions, then one made in Italy would be perfect for you!

What Makes These Bags Different From Other Luxury Bags?

As mentioned above, the quality of the materials, high standard craftsmanship, attention to detail and a lifelong love of the product makes the biggest difference to the end result. Made in Italy means that you are not only getting something that has been carefully designed and produced, but it is also sturdy, hard wearing and made to last. The highest quality Italian leather bags only improve with age, with the leather reflecting their owner and the use they have had. The process used to create these bags is time-consuming which is generally reflected in the price. This is offset by the fact that these types of leather bags are made to last a lifetime.

Types of Leather Bags from Italy

All styles of leather bags are made in Italy and different types of leather are used making them affordable for all budgets. The less expensive leathers are used for everyday budget bags making it is possible to afford several bags in this price bracket to match different outfits and types of use. These budget bags are generally smaller, more rigid and include handbags, shoulder bags, cross body bags and totes or shopper bags.

Average priced leather makes up the bulk of the market and high quality handbags, shoulder bags, casual backpacks, business bags and men’s bags. These are the type of leather bags where you may have one for work and another for special or more formal occasions in your free time.

High end leathers such as vintage style leather and calf leather are used for the top quality luxury bags and these are obviously the most expensive. The styles include handbags and shoulder bags of all sizes, robust backpacks, travel bags, briefcases and men’s bags. People often treat themselves to a luxury leather bag and use if for everything, from handbag to business bag to weekend bag. They may cost more but it is guaranteed that a luxury Italian leather bag will last a lifetime and consequently give you very good value for money.


An Italian leather bag is a bag for life!

Leather bags from Italy are a great investment for anyone who values quality, style, and tradition. They combine the three seamlessly to provide a bag that will last for years. Italian leather bags are attractive, but they are also durable and made with high-quality materials.

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