Caring for leather

Caring for Leather

The first thing to remember is that leather is skin and will consequently age with time, but, unlike skin, aged leather is much admired and considered to be more desirable than the brand new, shiny Italian leather handbag you have just received. The natural wear and tear of normal use and the odd scratch will add character to your leather bag which, if cared for and looked after properly will remain in excellent condition for a lifetime.

Store your Italian leather handbag in a dry, clean place in the dust bag in which it arrived.

If you wish you can apply a specialist leather protector (check with your vendor that the product will be suitable for your bag) but be aware that using this kind of product may change the colour of the leather slightly.

Your Italian leather handbag will obviously accumulate dust but this is easily removed by means of a soft brush and it is advisable to dust your bag on a regular basis.

General Marks
The most common marks on your handbag will be finger prints. These, and other minor everyday marks, can be removed with a very slightly damp cloth. Only rub your bag gently and do not try and scrub off a mark with violent rubbing. Be patient and gentle.

Rain and other water splashes
Vegetable tanned leather is not really suited to getting wet, although some bags may have been treated and will deal with it better than others. As a precaution, if your bag gets wet, dry it with a soft cloth and leave it at room temperature to dry naturally. Never place it on or near a radiator or other heat source and never use a hair dryer on it.

Gently polishing your bag about once a month is beneficial. Use only a tiny amount of a recommended product and rub the bag very, very gently with a soft cloth.

Just like skin, your leather bag will lose its natural oils over time and will last much longer if moisturised with a specialist product about twice a year. Please look after your bag with loving care and we hope it will bring you many years of pleasure, but please, remember to let it grow old gracefully.
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