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A carefully selected range of authentic Italian leather, jewelry, ceramics, olive wood, silk and traditional products, direct from Italy.

Compact, comfortable vintage leather bag
Amandola (bright green)
Compact, comfortable vintage leather bag
Handmade, traditional ceramic tile from Sicily
Fish - Large
Handmade, traditional ceramic tile from Sicily
Large, soft, comfortable vintage leather bag
Amandola Grande (black)
Large, soft, comfortable vintage leather bag
Murano glass and cultured pearl bracelet
Capri Bracelet (deep coral)
Murano glass and cultured pearl bracelet
Large, roomy messenger bag
Erice (black)
Large, roomy messenger bag
Handmade, traditional ceramic plate from Sicily
Millefiori - 25cm plate
Handmade, traditional ceramic plate from Sicily

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What are the best Italian hand made products?

Italy makes some of the most beautiful, handmade products in the world and for customers who are looking for authentic products from Italy, 'Made In Italy' represents a standard of quality, innovation and individuality that is recognised all over the world. In our shop we offer a wide range of Italian gifts and products that represent the very best in traditional Italian craftsmanship: Italian leather bags, Italian fine art jewelry, Murano jewelry, Italian ceramics, a beautiful range of Italian silk products and a selection of products based on Italian tradition. If you are looking for hand made products from Italy, then you have come to the right place! Not everyone has the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and browse around the many fascinating markets and shops dotted throughout Italy. However, you can still enjoy a taste of Italy by browsing through our online store and ordering something special, direct from Italy!

If there is something in particular you are looking for from Italy, and you don't see it in our shop, please let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.

What do our customers say...

"I received a well packaged set of 6 cups and saucers in excellent condition. I was also surprised at how affordable they were..."
Jim V. (USA)

"I love my bag. The quality of the leather is superior and the bag is very well made. It's just beautiful..."
Lisa C. (USA)

"I would certainly recommend The Italian Shop to others and hope to use their services myself again before too long..."
Nancy B. (Scotland)

"We were thrilled with the merchandise and personalized customer care..."
Deborah T. W. (USA)

After a quick search, I found The Italian Shop and all the wonderful Italian artisan-crafted goods featured on their website, and I knew right then and there that I would be purchasing something from the shop...
Alex M. (USA)

Ordering two Christmas gifts from The Italian Shop this past season has been one of the nicest experiences I have had for years...
Jennifer W. (USA)

A great company to deal with. Thank you for making such wonderful gems from Italy available...
Malene & Liam N. (New Zealand)

I was immediately hooked, particularly with the range and quality of the leather handbags and briefcases...
Gail C. (UK)

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Direct from Italy

Products from Italy

Our range of handmade products from Italy represent the very best of 'Made in Italy': Italian leather, Italian fine art jewelry, authentic Murano jewelry, handmade ceramic products, ancient olive wood products, beautiful silk products and products that represent Italian tradition, all for sale online from The Italian Shop, based in the 'Mezzogiorno' of Italy.

The Mezzogiorno of Italy

Italian handmade products are imitated, reproduced and sold from many locations around the world, but if you are looking for an authentic, traditional Italian product, you can rest assured that all of our Italian products are genuinely 'Made in Italy', stored in Italy and shipped from Italy. Our Murano jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Authentic Italy
Authentic Italy

If you are looking for authentic, handmade Italian gifts or traditional Italian products, The Italian Shop offers a wide range of handmade Italian leather, jewelry, ceramics, olive wood, silk and traditional products categorised in their own groupings.

Italian Ceramics

We have some unique items of hand-painted Italian tableware in our ceramics collection, together with traditional Sicilian tiles and candlesticks.

Italian Leather Bags

We offer a wide selection of stylish, Italian leather bags, all produced to the highest quality from genuine Italian leather.

Exclusive Italian Jewelry

Italy is famous for its high quality jewelry We offer a wide range of exquisitely crafted pieces to suit all budgets.

Murano Jewelry

In addition to handmade glass jewellery, our Murano Glass section also features a stunning range of individual glass objects that make perfect gifts from italy.

Olive Wood

We have an unusual range of olive wood kitchen utensils, tableware and speciality items, all made from ancient olive wood.

Italian Silk

We offer a range of long, soft silk scarves, made in Italy using blends of fine, hand picked silk which have been printed and dyed using special, traditional techniques. Each scarf is double sided, which creates an unbelievable shimmering effect, the result of which is a colourful, lustrous and luxurious scarf. Each one is stitched lovingly, and with the utmost care, near the shores of Lake Como, Italy. In addition, we have ranges of silk ties, silk bowties and pocket squares.

Italian Tradition

Italians and people of Italian descent are rightfully proud of their roots and their traditions. We have a range of beautiful, hand-made products that epitomise the Italian traditions of design and high quality of workmanship.

Italian Gifts

For those visitors specifically looking for Italian gifts, we have made our own selection and grouped them within different product groups.

Corporate Gifts

Personalised Gifts

Not all of the products that would be suitable as Italian gifts are necessarily included within these sections, but for those visitors looking for help finding Italian gifts, it will hopefully suggest some useful gift ideas.

We also offer a Gift Card This can be credited with any amount, and can be redeemed against a purchase in The Italian Shop at any time over a 12 month period.

Italy Gifts Direct

From our base, deep in the south of Italy, we have looked for, and located, a range of genuine, Italian, handmade products that we are offering to discerning customers who love Italy and who are looking for exceptional, handcrafted Italian gifts to buy for themselves, or for somebody special.

Northern Italy - Murano Glass from Venice

"Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go."
Truman Capote

Northern Italy - Silk from Lake Como

"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life."
Anna Akhmatova

Central Italy - Ancient Olive Wood

"Once the trees went forth to anoint a king over them, and they said to the olive tree, 'Reign over us!"
Judges 9:8

Central Italy - Italian Leather

"You can have the universe if I can have Italy."
Giuseppe Verdi

Southern Italy - Hand painted ceramics

"... and anyone who has once known this land can never be quite free from the nostalgia for it."
DH Lawrence

We hope that you will enjoy our shop.

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